Siteline Outdoors announces a group of brand ambassadors!

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Siteline Outdoors announces a group of brand ambassadors!

Over the past few months, we have worked tirelessly to put together a group of tight-nit anglers who share our burning passion for the outdoors but have the ability to grow with us. Finally,  over the last few weeks, we finalized our program containing six anglers reining from Florida to California up to Washington and then back in our home of the MidWest!

• Connor McElvanney @bassallyearfishing 

Connor McElvanney is a 24-year-old angler from Florida. He bought his first boat when he was 14 and then started a YouTube channel. He’s been tournament fishing and making videos since 2009. Then, he joined the Army in 2014 and now is out and ready for his next adventure!

Michael Rose @michaelrosefishing

Michael Rose grew up fishing with his Dad, he was 3 or 4 years old the first time he held a fishing rod. When he was in school, he would save his lunch money from the week so he could have fishing money for the weekend. He was 13 years old when he caught his first big largemouth bass. Ever since then, he’s never stopped chasing these green machines.

Brandon Glatt @twoosixoutdoors

NW bass anglers and amateur fishing photographer seeking my next hook set. Frequent local bass tournament fishermen.

• Jason Stangel @jasonstangeloutdoors

Jason Stangel grew up in NE Wisconsin on the family farm which led him to be passionate about the outdoors. You will usually find him doing something related to the outdoors all year long whether it’s hunting, fishing, trapping, participating in habitat projects or being a mentor in hunting and fishing programs for the youth. When on the water, Jason loves chasing Great Lakes smallmouth where he thrives to compete and learn. Fishing the great lakes has helped him become a successful tournament angler over the last 25 years

Tommy Matual

Tommy Matual is an 18-year-old angler from Illinois. He started tournament bass fishing during his freshman year of high school when he started his high school fishing club. The past two years Tommy has fished the Michigan Division of the BFLs and he recently signed to fish collegiately for McKendree University.

Ryan Kwiecinski @ryanski_fishing

Ryan Kwiecinski is a 22-year-old angler from Northern Illinois. He has been fishing since he can first remember. Over the last few years, he has cut his teeth fishing tournament on local bodies of water with tremendous success and in 2020 is taking it to the regional level.


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